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Aurora on Nov 20/21 2003

Images taken with EOS-DCS3c and MC Zenitar-M2.8/16 Fish-Eye. The Location was Pulsnitz, Saxony, Germany (51°10'58''N, 14°01'19''E). The exposure time was 30s.

Unfortunately I missed the maximum. When I started to take pictures only some greenish light at the horizon was visible by eyes. But when I analyzed the images I was really surprised ... .

By clicking on the images below Javascript movies are loaded. In order to view them you require a browser with Javascript enabled. Please wait until all frames are loaded. After that you can play the movie forward or reverse or view single frames.

If the movie playback is choppy:

  • Make sure that your browser does compare each frame in cache with frame in Internet only "Once per session" or "Never" (don't set your browser to "Everytime")
  • Increase the size of memory cache

sequence 1 Sequence starts around 22:15 UT. The red light was not visible by eyes!
sequence 1 Sequence starts around 22:53 UT. As above, the red light was not visible by eyes.
sequence 1 Sequence starts around Nov 21 22:53 UT. In the upper left corner are green stripes. By eyes this structure looked like a cloud, see below.
sequence 1 See above. After recognizing that this was no cloud I directed the camera toward the "origin" of the stripe. By eyes only the green part was visible. The intensity changed very quickly. It looked like the "structures" was flying over the whole sky from north-west to east.

Sequence starts around Nov 21 01:02 UT.

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