Perseids on August 11 2004

Date: August 11 2004, from 19:49 UT to 20:48 UT
Location: Pulsnitz, Germany 51°10'58''N, 14°01'19''E
Lens: 1.4/12.5mm Computar
Camera: Firewire camera optically coupled to Philips xx1411 image intensifier
From 19:49 UT to 19:59 UT: 200ms
From 20:00 UT to 20:48 UT: 300ms

Between 19:49 UT and 20:16 UT 26 Perseids and 3 sporadic meteors could be detected. Most of them where dark (not visible by eyes). Past 20:05 UT, 30min before the expected peak, the sky became foggy. Only some bright meteors could be detected through the clouds.

Click on the images to see a small Javascript animation

red Perseid green Sporadic meteor blue Satellite
2 Perseids, 1 sporadic meteor and 2 satellites
s1-2685 Bright Perseid
red Perseid
2 bright Perseids through the clouds
s2-8393 Bright Perseid through the clouds
red Perseid green Sporadic meteor blue Satellite
Satellite reflection and 2 meteors (not shown in the animation)

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