Color intensified image of the Moon


Date: Sep 18 2005 23:00
Location: Pulsnitz, Germany 51°10'58''N, 14°01'19''E
Optic: 195mm f/7 Newton
Camera: Firewire Camera with Sony ICX414AL CCD
Red: K.Horn Red
Green: K.Horn Green
Blue: K.Horn Blue
Red: 4057 x 2ms
Green: 3979 x 2ms
Blue: 3707 x 4ms
  • Luminance:
    • Sum of 256 red images
    • Sharpened with Wiener deconvolution method
  • Color:
    • Sum of 256 red/green/blue images
    • Saturation increased by a factor of 18

A good description about how such images can be created:

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