Sun(spots) on May 03 2006

Date: May 03 2006 13:00
Location: Pulsnitz, Germany 51°10'58''N, 14°01'19''E
Optic: 195mm f/7 Newton
Solar filter: Baader Astro Solar TM, ND=3.8

True color image with Dynax 5D Camera

[850 x 850 pixels]         [1700 x 1700 pixels]
Sun with Dynax 5d (medium resolution)
  • Sum: 1 of 333 images
  • Exposure: 1/4000s

False color image with Firewire Camera with Sony ICX098 CCD

False color image of the sun with firewire camera
  • 1.5x Super Resolution
  • Sum: 128 of 11315 images
  • Exposure: 3ms
  • Filter: CS 645/10nm
  • Comments/: Windy

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